Give Us Less Homework!


Nco Xiong, Hour: 5B

Have you ever had problems with homework, the amount of homework given to you or problems with time management? Because the amount of homework given is a problem for most students.

How Much Homework Are SPASH Students Getting

I have asked students on how much homework they receive per day and most students answered with “At least 3-6 sheets of homework per day” which is honestly a bit much and when asking about how long due dates should be given a student from SPASH named William Yang has this to say, “Let students have about two days on casual assignments and have projects due in one to two weeks.” which is reasonable

The Stress of Homework and The Impact on Students.

From a quiz I produced called “Homework Overhaul” it is stated that 40% of students get stressed easily from homework. This can affect students’ mental health by adding more stress to the due dates for homework. Students also might not have enough time to do their homework because they have part time jobs.

Another problem with the amount of homework that is causing trouble for students is sleep. Majority of students get about 3-6 hours of sleep as shown in the graph. It is a huge problem for students because it can affect students during the day, examples like not being able to stay awake during class or not paying as much attention etc.

How we can adjust to the problem.

There are ways we can adjust it to find ways to fix our schedules outside of class or ask teachers about the time that is given to students for due dates on homework or projects that can help us fix our time to do homework outside of class.

 Another way is to tell a teacher that students are having issues with homework and are wanting less homework so they can have a break after school and do more things they want to do in their freetime and have enough time to do their homework. Those are ways we can try to fix the problem with homework and maybe it will impact the future on students’ time with school work and their time out of school.