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Caden Vercimak

Caden Vercimak, Hour 5

When thinking about a high school student, what do you think about? Maybe you think about how they don't have a plan for their future or what they want to do after high school. Well that’s not what Caden is about. He wants to go into Psychology in the future, to study at Mid State or maybe go to North Carolina once he’s out of high school. What a lot of people don’t realize is that Caden likes to find the deeper meaning or a better understanding of a book or a movie or an article on social media. He finds himself doing this even when he doesn't realize this. During school, Caden works full-time at Walmart. When I spoke to him he told me he didn’t feel like he accomplished anything but in reality he did accomplish something; he got a job. For a teen in high school that is a lot to handle. Work and school. Caden talked about how if he didn’t want to study Psychology, he would want to study law. He found himself with a lot of experience to start thinking about studying law. But for now, he’s more thinking about Psychology.

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Caden Vercimak