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Shirley Del Valle Chavez

Shirley Del Valle Chavez, Hour 1

Shirley Del Valle Chavez was born in Guatemala but her parents wanted their children to have a better future and more opportunities so they moved to Florida. Most students go to Florida for vacation or wish they lived there so it’s odd that they later decided to move to Stevens Point. In Florida they weren’t being taught English so they had to make a change once again. Shirley has four siblings. One brother and three sisters. Two of her siblings have moved out but she is closest to her oldest sister who is expecting a baby soon. Shirley really enjoys going shopping with her sister and spending time with her dog Milo. She spends most of her time with her sister. They have a lot of trust for each other and are able to go to each other about things they can’t tell their parents. One of her biggest goals right now is getting her license. With her license she can get a job, car and be able to do more things. She would like her first job to be at Walmart working with restocking. When Shirley was still living in Guatemala she got very sick. Her uncle took frogs and placed them on her body and they absorbed her sickness. When he took them off she was no longer sick. Ever since she has been terrified of frogs. After high school Shirley sees herself working for a while until she can afford to go to cosmetology school. She always saw girls wearing false lashes and fake nails, so she got interested in them. She wanted to learn how to do them herself so she would watch YouTube videos to learn. She sees herself doing this when she is older because she wants to be able to make other girls feel pretty by her work.

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December 22, 2021
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Shirley Del Valle Chavez