The Pandemic’s Impact on Teenagers and Their Health

Shirley Del Valle Chavez

On March 11th 2020 people never thought they would have the biggest change in their lives impacting the schools, jobs, and families. Staying healthy benefits us into not getting our families sick. The impact on teenagers during the pandemic shows how they are dealing with their schedule at school and helping their mental health. Teenagers during the pandemic are doing better now in-person than they were online

According to the Youth Views about mental health during Covid-19 many have been affected mentally. About 27% feel anxiety and 15% feel depression, Mrs. Jensen a SPASH counselor has said that the number of students who are dealing with mental issues is lower than last year, cut off from their social life.”

School is now safe because we wear masks. “I think wearing masks has helped with the amount of quarantines, it has helped with keeping students here and progressing more,” says Kristen Jensen, a counselor at Spash. Many students have attended more school this year than last year when the pandemic started at first. 

According to Mrs. Jensen, the counselor at spash, has said  “It’s been more of a transition than before, Students had the split schedule, more routine having to be here everyday, students are still struggling”. The spill over from last year’s structure coming two days a week and then later changing it to four days got the students to maintain the same routine and students are all over the board,it affected many students. 

One common belief is that teenagers have more time when they learn from home. Shorter sleep duration and higher level of weakenings at bedtime were linked to higher levels of stress, whereas longer sleep and lower level of weakenings at bedtime was linked to reduced stress,” says Gruber, who is also the Director of the Attention, Behaviour and Sleep Laboratory at the Douglas Research Centre. Students before the pandemic were doing so good and even online many had time to do their chores or have time for work.

According to the Spash Mid-Quarter grades in 2020, 1491 were failing a class and 514 were in the D’s and there were a total of 4133 that were passing their class. This year the numbers have lowered and increased more with good and bad grades.

We should ask more for help in our health because many go through things we don’t know. Deeply many people are failing some of their classes, and being stressed out about their grades getting so much pressure.