Between the Silence and the Warmth

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Photo Credit:

Aselica Yang

I am sunken in this bed,

where the room is pitch black,

as the night sky appears outside with the stars that shine bright.


No light exposed through the curtains,

while the strong wind bangs against my window.

Spacing out at the ceiling, 

Making friends with the silence,

that’s in my room.


Tears slowly shed down my face, 

as if the air was wiping them away.

Finally tensing up to the cold winter air that peeks in my room,

I crawl into a ball, 

as the warmth grows along,

The warmth hugs me tightly.


I shut my eyes tightly, 

only to see black,

and then finally a vision appears in my sight as I fall asleep,

that someone who shines brighter than the Moon, Sun and Stars.

It was him, who seemed to appear in my cloudy like dreams.

Standing towards me in a blank endless white room with open arms and a blurred face.


I’m running towards him,

only to see him slowly distancing, 

fading and blurring,

away from me…


I stop myself from chasing after him,

only to be exhausted from the chase.

I stand there in the silence, confused to why it had to be that way,

although there is a distance between us,

why couldn’t I be there in the dream,

where it’s just us.


I am again,

Left there standing alone,

wanting to only feel his warm embrace.

Another tear drips down slowly in my dreams,

dropping down to the ground like droplets.

*drips, drips*

Creating small ripples,

as more starts to fall like heavy rain on a dewy gloomy like monday.


I am back here again…

Eyes wide open,

Facing the wall this time,

while the rain of tears pours down my face.

Shivering to the cold that creeps in my room.

I crawl into a ball,

and only to meet,

the silence that I began with…