Makeup Mask


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Elena Masala, Hour 5B

Being young is something that is supposed to make us stand out and feel special. Probably many girls today believe that to feel special they have to add something else to improve their physical appearance, in most cases hiding it with makeup. Before it can be too late, we need to think about how we feel about ourselves. Something is wrong in our attempt to improve ourselves.

Why makeup?

Let’s start at the beginning by reflecting on how much time we spend in the day to feel good about ourselves. Some girls in SPASH didn’t find the answer very easily; so then to make themselves feel better, they continually put on make up and no longer give importance to the person behind that “mask”.

In essence, make-up is a set of techniques and products that we use to intensify the beauty of the face, or to change and modify a characteristic we don’t appreciate in ourselves. In general, girls today have an excess of makeup. They are not much about the real themselves but they look more at the makeup.

Relationship between makeup and teenagers at SPASH

In a statistic done in SPASH, a scale from 1 to 10; the makeup places it between 7-8 for them. To answer the question “how can you describe the word makeup in your own words”, they answered in essence that it is a toxic thing for people, but who feel the need, probably it’s something that they need to wear to be around other people.

Feeling insecure about ourselves is normal for anyone, so it doesn’t mean we’re ugly or inferior. One of the most famous answers given by the girls was definitely being without makeup they don’t feel like themselves, and not pretty; to say it again in another way they feel themselves ugly without it.

For this reason after various questions around SPASH, it is clear that some girls wear make-up for other people, feeling “weird”, unconfident with themselves or not up to being among other people with no make-up, so they need to wear it . A girl expressed in simple words: “Society makes you feel that you need to wear makeup for other people ”; thus making it clear that if it weren’t for the people around them they wouldn’t feel the need to disguise themselves with makeup. 

The intent at the moment is absolutely not to judge people who feel like they are wearing makeup, I just want to highlight how it is becoming an excess nowadays, hiding who we really are.

Ideas to solve

There is probably no real solution to all of this. It takes self intent, spending more time trying to appreciate ourselves for who we are, day after day; thus eliminating what has become everyday life for us, wearing makeup and hiding ourselves. So at this point we need to start accepting ourselves for who we are, not hiding behind something we are not. One idea for this goal might be to try to put less and less makeup on ourselves, making it appear who we are.

After all, the most important thing is not how we look to people, or how they see us; the most important thing is how we feel about ourselves without having to change or hide with masks.