Shane Plaski

Welding pays well. The career is interesting. It is easy to find a job as a welder if you have the skill and know what to do.

There are some cons. For example, you have to weld in hot weather if you are in a pipeline. And you are already warm from wearing protective gear while you are welding.

I think people should know more about welding. As people learn more about welding they might think that it is interesting too. There are many different types of welding. Some of the main types of welding are arc, mig, and tig welding.

In the future the type of welding that is going to be highest in demand is going to be the metal fabrication industry automobile industry and construction industry geography speaking Houston Texas has the highest employment for welders.

In the area there are many different places you can go to learn how to weld. For example you can go to Mid State technical college, Fox Valley technical college, Nicolet technical college, and Black Hawk technical college. Here at SPASH we have the opportunity to do apprenticeships for people that want to learn the job. After students graduate high school they have the opportunity to further their learning of welding at technical colleges in Wisconsin .

The earning potential for an average welder goes up if you are a certified welder. There are many health risks of being a welder, but some of them are Welding fumes hazards, if you inhale fumes for too long it can lead to lung cancer and kidney failure, and Respiratory failure. Flying particles can enter the eyes and skin. 

I interviewed my cousin Trevor  (A Certified Welder). His favorite types of welding are arc welding and tig welding. He would have made a lot more money if he would have just been in the welding industry, but he decided to own a body shop ( Dave’s Body Shop).  He went to school for welding at Mid-State technical college for four years. 

My cousin Trevor had experience before he went to Mid-State. He had Mr. Stroble (a SPASH welding teacher) . He wanted to be a welder because when he was a kid he watched his dad weld  and had thought it was interesting.

Also I interviewed Mr. Stroble ( A SPASH Welding Teacher)  he told me that an average welder makes $18-$20 an hour starting out. There are many types of welding, some of them are Mig Welding, Tig Welding, and Arc Welding.  One option for schooling is to become an Apprentice one day a week For four years.  The benefits of becoming a Welder are that you get to travel, and you will have a solid future. The cons are that sometimes you will have to work in really hot weather.