SPASH Students’ Struggles and Worries


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Summer Arista , Hour 2

Every teen at SPASH has a struggle or worry going on that others don’t notice.  When teens get stressed it is not only for the homework it”s maybe family issues or work and that thing about them things at school and they can”t focus  and it is just too much for a young teen for all of that.                

How it affect teen mentally along their lives 

 According to Newport Academy, who help teens who struggle with depression and anxiety,“In general, anxiety disorders are the most common mental health. disorders of childhood and adolescence. Teens with social anxiety find school extremely challenging.” And when they get older it can still affect them and might need to go to therapy for all the problems they faced in school.Every student has many worries; they just might not ask for help or show it.

 According to Mrs. Dulak, SPASH ELL teacher, “Most of the worries  that students come to me with are late assignments, test taking and personal issues.” Mrs. White,  SPASH English teacher,  agrees with Mrs. Dulak.  “They are worried about homework. They also often have worries about their parents not listening;  not understanding their identities and conflicts with friends.”  Students get so stressed from all of this and then stop caring because it is so overwhelming for them. It is just too much to handle at this time of their lives’ and some people just don”t understand that.

Students can get help from counselors or teachers, even friends 

 Students can ask for help, but there are a lot that don”t ask for help because they are scared or think that is embarrassing to do so. One example is from Mrs. Dulak, teachers want students to ask when they need help,  ask their teachers when they have something late; [teachers] want our students to be successful and we will help in any way we can.   Emphasizes, Mrs White,  Don’t take points for being late. I am also not a mental health expert so if students are struggling she will reach out to their counselor. 

  Fernando, a Junior at SPASH, shares what helps him, “Talking to friends reduces stress and getting friends to help me with it.”   Sometimes it’s hard to ask because it is embarrassing and you think that others are gonna make fun of you. So you don”t ask and struggle on your own but it is not bad to ask. It just shows that you want to learn and that you are paying attention to what they are saying. 


Know that everyone has something they’re going through. Often, you just    don ‘t see it because they don’t show it. If you need to talk to someone,  there is always a counselor or a teacher; someone that you feel comfortable with to talk to.  Teachers and friends want you to reach out. Please don’t think that you are alone in your worries.  Know that you are not the only one.