Cell Phone Addiction


Image drawn by Xavier Stelk

Xavier Stelk, Hour 5B

How would you feel knowing that SPASH had considered banning cell phones from school? I would feel pretty angry and upset, but I don’t think you would like that image.

According to Newsela, schools are banning cell phones because they’re a distraction to the students and their learning. Another reason schools are banning cell phones is because that’s are also distracting to the teachers trying to teach. An article once said Parents seemed uncertain too. A parent named Sabine noted that “kids shouldn’t use phones in class, but they sometimes need to bring them to school. My daughter goes to school and comes home on her own, and at this time of year, it’s dark so early, so I want her to have a phone with her. It’s reassuring,” she said.

The difference between France’s cell phone policy compared to SPASH’s cell phone policy is that from France’s point of view, they don’t need their phones. Still, some students protested against banning cell phones, and then, on a particular day, a new student came to the school and she said, “It’s ridiculous. We don’t use them in class or recess at my school, so what’s the problem?” Mathilde said that if anyone is caught using one in the toilets or at lunchtime, the phones are taken away, and the student gets 

 In France, government officials leave their phones in lockers during meetings. Blanquer said that if government officials can do this, so can students. Blanquer has also supported the introduction of school uniforms but has said he is opposed to the measure required throughout the country. He has also announced that each school must set up a choir, a singing group, before January 2019. A Paris newspaper said the government had set aside more than $23 million for the plan. Government officials said joining the choir would be a voluntary addition to the required music lessons.

Now onto talking about SPASH; SPASH wants to ban cell phones because they think it’s a distraction to our learning and that most students have their phones out when they’re not supposed to. Also, if they bring phones out without permission, they are punished. The first one is a slap on the back, which means they get a warning, but if they do it more than once, they are punished by losing their phone and doing a check-in/check-out system with the office.

SPASH is somewhat laid back when it comes to their cell phone policy and assumes that everyone will follow it, but as for everyone thought they were safe, some rule breakers have lost their cell phones and even had their parents called in, so no, this policy is not a joke it’s a warning. There also have been people who have been kept after school because they thought their phone was safe from the school’s Wi-Fi, but nope, they got in trouble for looking up inappropriate stuff.

I feel like people don’t take the cell phone policy legit. After all, they think that their above the school’s rules, but news flash, their not, and for that, they get their phone taken away because they didn’t follow the conduct on what you should do if a teacher is teaching or not and when it’s appropriate to go on your device or not, and most teachers are becoming more strict. I say that because my teachers are becoming more stringent,t but some are being laid back because they think they can trust us enough, which isn’t a good idea.

Another to add is that they’re going to be forcing this rule even more than they already have, and they’ve had these since I started here yesterday. So, yeah, I think they’re doing an excellent job of enforcing it, but I don’t think they should overdo it to the point where students start fights with teachers. There’s already enough drama when it comes to students and teachers, and we don’t need this to become the main topic of why fights have started to be brutal.

The takeaway is that this cell phone policy has done us good and evil because, as I said, there’s already way too much drama and gossip on this topic. So I thought that I would bring it out there since I have a lot of encounters when it comes to the cell phone policy. So I’m here to ease it down, and what I think we should do is keep the cell phone policy but ease up on it to the point where it’s such a big deal coming from us students, especially the sophomores who just came to our school, so yeah that’s my solution. Another thing that I should talk about is France. 

They’ve had this cell phone policy correctly longer than SPASH did, and look at how well they’re doing, but we, SPASH students, do everything for granted and don’t know what it’s like without phones or any other electronic device. How would you feel if you had your phone taken away and were not allowed to bring it out of your backpack after you’re done with your school work?