Behind The Shooting Of Jacob Blake

Sinai Yang

Jacob Blake, 29 years old and from Kenosha, Wisconsin was shot by a police officer in the back several times while bystanders and another cop watched it happen. This occurred in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 23rd. He was shot because the police officers had heard a complaint about Jacob Blake stealing the people who called the police keys and vehicle. That’s when the police officer grabbed his shirt and fired his gun several times at unarmed Blake with his kids in the back of the car.

There are many reasons why protests are happening. The footage of the shooting of Blake showed that there were bystanders witnessing the shooting trying to yell out to stop the police. In the video it looks like Blake was not negotiating with the police. 

Onlookers were angry at the scene. Sam Yang, Freshman from University Minnesota from Milwaukee said that he felt ”Blake should have associated with the police because when he got in the car it looked like he was about to leave and obviously the cops were gonna chase him but if Blake was innocent then he should’ve just stayed and negotiated with the police.” 

According to the footage and news, Blake was trying to break up a fight before the cops showed up. Yang said that ”he doesn’t think Blake was doing anything wrong before he got shot because before the police showed up, the news said that Blake was trying to break up a fight, but the cops accused him of doing something else wrong.” Yang also said, “ here goes another video of a white police officer shooting an innocent black person.”

 As of now, black people have been getting a lot of attention from social media and other celebrities because of all the shootings that have occurred towards black people like Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. Black men and women face a difficult scary life because there have been multiple unarmed victims that have ended up dead by the police.