Wisconsin River Academy

DeShay Anderson

Imagine yourself outside, fully clothed in 50-degree water and arguing with your classmates. You may think this class is terrible or do not take this class. Well, think again. This class is hard to get into. It fills up immediately, and it’s worth it. Signing up for Wisconsin River Academy (WRA) could be one of the best opportunities of your lifetime, a one time chance.

Here are some good things to look forward to in this class: “The main events that everyone loves in this class are the Crystal River and the Ice Age Trail.” Glen Reindl, teacher of WRA says, “We try to split up indoor and outdoor time equally but, with only two days a week, the outdoor time is 75 percent while indoor time is 25 percent.” The time you’re inside is mostly to do the homework that this class is required to do.

When interviewing Riley Harlan , a junior at SPASH, he expressed enthusiasm about this class and how much outside time you experience .“You sit in the classroom every day but, WRA is much different. I needed a class that would be hands-on. We get to go out into the world and not with a Chromebook all day.” Because this class is mainly outside, it’s a lot of hands-on learning. 

Some things you do for the community is going to Schmeeckle and pulling buckthorn also identifying that plant at your school to show how invasive it is. You also go test the water to show how the community has affected the wildlife and the ecosystem in Wisconsin as a whole. In addition to the water testing and pulling buckthorn you get to experience new and creative things you have never thought to try in this class.

So, when thinking about your choice classes for school, this can be one of your best options.  From canoeing local waters to identifying invasive species, if you stay in Wisconsin after you graduate, you’ll have a better understanding of your community and the crazy wildlife around you.