Looking for a great place to eat?

This family-run restaurant offers great burgers and more

The Mirror reporter

Stevens Point holds many secret treasures which are sometimes hard to pick out if you don’t know where to look. One of those hidden treasures is The Watchman’s Gone. The Watchman’s Gone is not only a great restaurant, but it is run by great people who love what they do. Here’s what Emma Pech, daughter of the owners at The Watchman’s Gone, had to say:


What is the name of your family’s restaurant?

Our name is The Watchman’s Gone and that is actually taken from a Gordon Lightfoot song. The song is about a bum that is riding on a train and when the watchman is gone and he’s not looking for the people on the trains the bum gets a free ride.

Where is it located?

It’s located in the building where Al’s Diner used to be which is by Iverson Park on Jefferson Street. So, it’s right next to Iverson.

When did the business start?

It started about three years ago. We bought it in January of 2016 I want to say. So it’s about three years old.

What is your job at the restaurant?

I mostly just waitress and bus tables when my parents need me there. We have more staff than we’ve ever had before right now and we have an assistant cook and three waitresses including myself. So I just waitress and do dishes and do a little bit of everything.

Do you enjoy working there?

I like doing it. People come in and just talk about where they’re from and it’s kind of cool.

What kind of food do you serve at the restaurant?

Well, we have a big selection of burgers. We don’t really have the regular burger with, you know, lettuce and pickles. Most of them are just cheese and then a topping or they are a specialty burger. We usually have curry or chili or some kind of other meal like a fish sandwich as our special.

 How busy is it usually?

Business is actually picking up quite a bit.

What kind of people visit the restaurant?

The place is a Green Circle headquarters so we get a lot of nature people – people that like to hike and backpack. People from the university come in – people meet there for business meetings. It’s really all different kinds of people just looking for a quiet environment and some big juicy burgers.