WRA offers unique options


The Mirror reporter

Stevens Point Area Public School District has a wide variety of class for students to pick what best fits them. One of the more hands-on courses is the Wisconsin River Academy or WRA. This class is very unique compared to some other classes.

The WRA began in 2003 which included a two-year absence due to low enrollment.  The WRA is a whole year class that runs sixth, seventh, and eighth hour of the school schedule, providing three credits.

A student can earn one Physical education credit, one social studies, and one science credit from the class.

This course provides many hands-on experiences and fun outdoor and learning activities for students. It is taught by Mark Bohanski with science, Glen Reindl with social studies, and Ryan Marnocha with Physical education.

The WRA science part provides students with many experiments. Like testing water and soil and comparing results to previous years. They also do fish surveys and keep track of wildlife population. “Having students do projects learning how real professionals do it,” Bohanski said.

Students also get to learn about the local history of Wisconsin. And learn about environmental issues and diversity.

Students also get to go out and enjoy nature even more in WRA by biking, hiking, and canoeing around the area. Students will do archery and rock climbing and learn about survival skills.

The WRA has not changed too much over the years. According to Reindl, the WRA use to have an English component but it was taken out due to not enough time.

The future of WRA looks bright with more community-based projects like removing trees and more. They’re going to keep doing their best to help the community and teach the students.

The WRA has a big impact on students and the teachers. Students get to see the bigger picture in the environment become more aware. Students come back after years and talk about how this was their favorite class and how they appreciated what they did.

“Just getting outside and doing it instead of watching students just learn about it” is Bohanski favorite part. “Sharing my passion for the outdoors with the students,” Marnocha said. And for Reindl, it’s getting to know the students.

The Wisconsin River Academy has made major impacts over the years on students, teachers, and the community. It has helped so many people and taught so much. This will be a great course for any student who would like to learn new skills and help their community.