Everything you need to know about the upcoming PSAT


The Mirror reporter

The Preliminary SAT (PSAT) is a test taken by mainly sophomores and juniors that helps them prepare for the SAT and the ACT. Colleges use those tests to help decide who will be admitted into their school, according to www.princetonreview.com.

Many students strive to do their best on these tests in order to have a better chance to get into their college of choice. The PSAT is an option for those looking to improve their test taking skills.

The PSAT covers writing, evidence-based reading and math and takes two hours and 45 minutes to complete. The PSAT is offered this year on Oct. 10.

Students taking the PSAT are required to fill out a registration form and pay $20.

PSAT study handbooks are available for students and can be found in the counseling office. (Soren Luther photo)

Students may ask “Why is this important?” or “How will this help me?” and the fact is that there are different pros and cons on both sides of the argument.

“The pros are the practice, the cons are… the pressure that people feel and the fact that they do think they have to take it even though, they really don’t. It’s really a personal choice,” Jenna Peterson, 17-year counselor and coordinator of the PSAT test at Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH) said.

“I think it’s a good idea, although, I’m not sure if it’s worth taking it because the actual SAT seems pretty straightforward,” Ethan Krawczyk, student at SPASH said. “If students are unsure about whether or not they will pass or do well on the SAT I think it’s a good option for them.”

“I know the SAT’s important in colleges. They look at it. And I also know that some jobs look at it… it’s pretty important but if you do poorly on it, it’s not going to ruin your life,” said Krawczyk.

The highest score achievable on the PSAT is a 1520 and it should be noted that the PSAT is designed to mimic the SAT. Although this is just a practice test, if students do well on it, they may be able to obtain scholarships such as the National Merit Scholarship.

Many students may feel under too much pressure with all the tests coming up but they should remember that, in the end, it’s only a test.

Peterson hopes that because the school system provides so much testing, students will actually feel less pressure when taking tests such as the SAT.

If students have questions or are looking for more information on the PSAT, they can see their school counselors or visit the counseling office. More information can also be found on the College Board website.


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