New Avengers: Success Or Fail?


The Mirror reporter

“Avengers: Infinity War” has begun its march on the planet.

On April 27 the premiere of new Marvel movie took place in cinemas in Stevens Point. Many teen fans really waited for that. This movie will be discussed by many for its unusual plot and unexpected turns.

On Sunday, April 29 I was able to visit the cinema and to get acquainted with a new work of Anthony Russo. No Marvel movie made such impression on me like this.

Is it true that this movie has become one of the most epic throughout the American film industry? On the screen, you will see a lot of familiar heroes. Many chilling events go on. We will absolutely be able to notice the seriousness of what will be happening.

But each movie has its own advantages and disadvantages. The best advantage is unusual. In my opinion, it is a risky move for Marvel. Before the projects of this corporation were similar to each other, now everything is different.

You will not watch two-hour conversations, because of which you could just die of boredom or just single epic battle at the end of the film. An unusual action will start since the first seconds. Marvel created an evil being of a new level which threatens the humankind and it’s impossible for one superhero only to fight with him. The main characters will participate in the largest battles.

There are some disadvantages as well. Some heroes have forgotten about their abilities. Dr. Strange would be a good example of it. Perhaps the inability of the Avengers to act, by using full force, was justified. Heroes were ready to sacrifice themselves during every battle. It was unexpected for many viewers especially at the end of the movie, about which I won’t tell.

I can say that unexpected combinations of superheroes were a good idea (but many of them had less screen time like my favorite Tony Stark, although he is Marvel movie star). And Spider-Man was shown as a total fool at all (I was surprised, to be honest). But besides that, you will even hear a couple of funny dialogues. Also, they often did not have time to finish their conversations with each other because they faced something dangerous. Even the funniest people in the movie did suffer not physically, but morally (even the new evil named Thanos did it).

Despite some disadvantages, I would give a 9/10 for this movie (thanks to stunning actors’ play and that almost everything looked so realistic). I think this is more successful than fail because we can see a completely