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Abby Cherek, Hour 6

As a highschooler finding the right work field for you is hard. Just like most students, Abby Cherek is unsure of her future occupation. Her ideas for the future consist of sound design and music production, or biology sciences like Marine biology. Like many others she sees the world as a beautiful place where our earth is important. Marine biology interests her because the ocean is vast and majorly unexplored. Opportunity awaits in this field of importance. When Abby is not consumed with her schoolwork she likes to spend her time making or listening to music. Abby plays both clarinet and tenor saxophone as well as dabbles with the keyboard piano. Abby also likes to partake in cycling. She is a proud member of the SPASH mountain biking club and depending on her mood she might bike with herself or her father. Abby feels that biking is important to her and she feels a sense of pride in biking. Lastly if Abby had the chance to travel she would choose to go to europe and immerse herself in the culture. She finds the big cities and new experiences intriguing and feels as if Europe would be a great place to visit.

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Abby Cherek