The Election: The Aftermath

Zoe Pfaff

Are you wondering what is happening after the election? Or what happened during it?

After a long couple days the results were in. Joe Biden had won the election with 306 votes to Donald Trump’s 232 votes. I got the amount of votes from the New York Times Presidential Election Results

A lot of  people are accepting that Biden is our new president whether or not they voted for him. Donald Trump on the other hand isn’t having it. After the election Trump wanted a recount of ballots in a couple states. There were a couple protests in bigger cities about Trump wanting a recount. One of the main states being Wisconsin, there were more votes than there were registered voters according to Trump. 

We all know that Donald Trknows Mr Reindl, history teacher at SPASH, shared why he thinks Trump hasn’t accepted the results of the election, “I think it could be a couple reasons. I don’t think it’s because he’s angry but that it’s helping him”. Trump could run again in the next election and get back in. There were some concerns in the election that could change the outcome of the next one. I also talked to Michael Taylor a senior at SPASH and he said, “He hates losing, if you looked in the past he has said many things he participated in he claims it’s rigid.”

Although Donald Trump is wanting a recount there may or may not be any change. At this point nothing more had been done, the election seems to be over.