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Nora McGuire

Nora McGuire, Hour 6

It is widely believed that food is something to bring all people together, and pizza is no exception. One of the most controversial topics regarding the beloved circle is whether or not pineapple belongs as a topping. Nora McGuire believes that this should not be controversial, but when it comes down to it, she does like it. As to what pizza place makes the best pineapple pizza, she thinks that homemade pizza allows one to perfectly ratio the pineapple to the pizza. An alternative to pizza would be Taco Bell, where the crunch wraps are supreme, according to Nora. And for the dessert, the flavor “Raspberry Dreamin’” from King Cone, or a blue raspberry icee cannot be beat. In her free time, Nora likes to watch tv shows, such as anime, and watch horror films, such as “It” and “Scream”. Nora prefers theme parks over water parks, for the thrill of the rides, and has absolutely no idea what theme park she likes the best. She is an artsy person, and enjoys her ceramics class, although she does dabble in drawing and painting.

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Nora McGuire