2021 Fall Rugby Season in Review

Danika Boquist

With state ending just this weekend on October 31st, the fall SPASH Rugby season has come to an end. The SPASH Rugby page describes the fall season, saying“…there are 15 players per side and the game is filled with non-stop action.” The SPASH Rugby information page also says that any girl from any area school from 9th-12th grade can play. Now, with a team consisting of mostly first year players, coming into this season with no prior experience, one has to wonder how they played so far this season. For the fact that most of the players had never played the sport before, the team has made great improvement, and played a good season.

The team had its fair share of victories over the duration of the season. When talking to Blair Odders, first year member of the SPASH Rugby team, about the games they’ve won, they told me that at their game against Muskego a few weeks ago, the team won 81-0. This is the largest margin of victory in team history! The team also pulled a win at state this past weekend on October 31st. They won (insert score).

Though they didn’t win all of their games, there were still other types of victories along the way. While talking to Blair about the games they had played so far, they told me they had lost their game against Catholic Memorial High 17-24. Though they lost, they were actually the first team to make it on the board against CMH this season! 

I talked to Emma Walker, second year member of the SPASH Rugby team, about some of their most recent games, and learned that they won the playoffs against Kettle Moraine, 74-0! They also got in 5th and 6th place at State last weekend, tying in their game against the Brookfield Bruisers, the score ending up 20-20. Overall, they won more games than they lost, winning 3 games, losing 2, and tying one.

Overall, this fall season has been pretty successful, considering how many of the players were just starting to play. Even if they didn’t win all of their games, they won most of them, and altogether made improvements as a team and as players.