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Danika Boquist

Danika Boquist, Hour 1

Danika Boquist is a senior. Even though she is a senior, that doesn’t mean she knows what to do with her life. Right now she’s just going with the flow and seeing where life takes her. When entering high school Danika chose to take all of her hardest classes the first two years because she wanted to have fun when she became a senior. So now she hangs out with her friends and has small amounts of homework, and when she does get homework it's for classes that she likes, like art. Before coming to SPASH Danika went to PJ’s and Washington. The easiest year for her was 8th grade, but the hardest was 9th grade probably because of entering high school. Out of all of the teachers she had, she liked her second grade teacher the most because she was really nice. Throughout the course of her life she only moved once so she never had to deal with being the new kid in school, or having to awkwardly walk past so many strangers. Even though she just lets life take her places, she is generally steering in the direction of an art school and trying to become a narrator for books or comics. If all doesn’t pan out then she will see where life takes her and she hopes to have a good life.

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Danika Boquist