Poverty’s impact on health and well-being


The Mirror reporter

Stevens Point’s population is 26,769 and 25.8 percent of those people are in poverty (Data USA). By numbers, there are more white people in poverty, but percentage wise more POC (People of Color) are in poverty. How does poverty affect the health and wellness of people? Is it the lack of nutrients? Clean water?

Poverty creates ill-health because it forces people to live in bad environments and they are unable to afford the proper care needed to cure the illness. Better health means happiness and well- being. Poverty means bad health trapping the whole community in poverty. It’s a political, social and economic injustice.

The cultural and social barriers faced by marginalized groups – including indigenous communities – can mean they use health services less, with serious consequences for their health. This perpetuates their disproportionate levels of poverty, according to Health Poverty Action.

Systems that we live in puss marginalized groups to stay in the poverty cycle. Making Black people settle down in the poorest cities or pushing Natives out of their land makes it harder for them to live. Marginalized people lack help from government to get services.

Marginalized groups and vulnerable individuals are often affected the worst, deprived of the information, money and access to health services that would help them prevent and treat illnesses.

Lack of clean water and healthy foods is a major health and wellness problem for people who are living in poverty. With little to no money they can’t afford to get fresh veggies or fruits with all the vitamins they need to be healthy.

Living in the poverty cycle isn’t easy, most were born into poverty. Living in a home with no food and dirty water isn’t a choice for many. For marginalized people it’s even harder to get out of it.

Some ways you can help is to donate to local organization that help people living in poverty. CAP Services is one of many organizations that helps people in poverty in Stevens Point. All you have to do is contact the organization at 715- 343-7125.

Wellness is a huge part of our lives. Being happy and feeling happy is all part of wellness. Like stated before, better health can bring happiness.

“Poverty is not just a lack of money; it is not having the capability to realize one’s full potential as a human being,” said Amartya Sen. People in poverty don’t get chances to be happy because most of the time they’re trying to survive. To be happy they try to surround themselves with love to continue fighting against the barriers they have to face.