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Paola Herrera Gómez, Hour 6

This passionate writer, Paola Herrera Gómez, had a huge life-changing moment when her family moved from El Salvador to New York. She was just a 5th grader at the time. She stayed there for two years until her stepmother got a job in Stevens Point, Wisconsin as a Pediatrician. Paola is interested in going into the science field primarily dealing with biology and cell communication. She was inspired to go into the science field by strong female figures in STEM. She felt very proud of accomplishing learning English when she moved to the United States. Her passion for her work and her confidence in herself helps her stand out. She got through the challenges of learning a new language by demonstrating grit and dedication. Some of her interests include reading and art. This part of her journey has made her flourish as a person and come to peace with herself.

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Paola Herrera Gómez