Teens and Sleep


Tou Yeng Vang, Hour 5B

Sleep had a big impact of teens in many ways. Sleep is more important then some think and should have more value. You were told to have at least eight hours of sleep every night but sometimes its just not possible. Surely for the teens that have to work late at night can understand. Teens sleep plays a big role in teens lives.


One subject that plays a big role in teens sleep is school. School can effect students in many ways including homework wise, shown by studies by The Biology Explains Only Part Of Teenagers’ Sleep Losses “Students who reported heavy loads of homework were significantly more likely to be sleep-deprived”, proving that students with more homework have less sleep. Relationships in school also affects teens sleep. Students who have less abusive relationships and friends tend to get more sleep “Students who reported a strong attachment to their schools and positive relationships with friends had longer and less disrupted sleep.” as stated from The Biology Explains Only Part Of Teenagers’ Sleep Losses.

Out of School Activities

Out of school activities are also a reason why teens dont get enough sleep. Ive interviewed two current students at SPASH, Kai and Deacon on what they do throughout their day. Kai responded with “After school, I go to the gym and after the gym I come home around 6-7pm. I have to take my dog out and do some chores sometimes.”, Deacons response was “When school is done, I go home and get ready for work or soccer practice. I usually come home late and do some homework and then go on my phone until I sleep.” These responses are examples that teens have out of school activities which is another reason why teens cant get enough sleep.


Relationships are a huge part of teens, especially how they effect their lives. Students who have bad relationships tend to have less sleep and more stress as stated by The Biology Explains Only Part Of Teenagers’ Sleep Losses “students who reported stressful relationships with friends or disengagement at school have worse sleep habits.”. And im pretty sure we can agree that girls are more likely to be more stressed as The Biology Explains Part of Teenagers’ Sleep Losses “claims girls were more likely than boys to report sleep problems related to “worrying about homework, friends, or family.”

Sleep plays a big role in teens lives and how it effects them. When school starts teens have less time for other activities and are forced to focus on school more then going out and having fun. This causes them to have less sleep causing their mental health to drain. Sleep effects how teens function everyday and without enough sleep teens wont have the energy for the next day.