A Body That Doesn’t Exist  


Influences on body image https://hhsmedia.com/37314/feature/social-medias-effects-on-body-image-and-mental-health/

Summer Arista , Journalism Hour 2

What is your perfect body? What do you want to look like? There are a lot of teens wanting a body that dosen”t exist. These are all thoughts that social media puts in someone’s head. People try so hard that sometimes, they just hurt themselves. In today’s society,  young women are trying to reach a body type that just does not exist.

 How insecurities start? In the article from the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH), “Being teased or bullied as a child for how you looked, being told you’re ugly, too fat, or too thin or having other aspects of your appearance criticized, seeing images or messages in the media (including social media) that make you feel bad about how you look, being underweight, overweight, or obese.” One of the counselors from SPASH,  Mrs Kuiek shared,  “It can make a real difference in how people see their body image. Some people would look at people and judge them about their body image. Some people have a body image type. They can be their own body image and can be a sociality to the city.“

What are the effects of this problem? Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH)  “In rare cases, people can have such a distorted view of their bodies that they have a mental health condition called body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). BDD is a serious illness in which a person is preoccupied with minor or imaginary physical flaws”. SPASH counselor,  Mrs Kuick, “Everybody is different just because you don”t let everyone judge you for your body. It it okay to be who you are if you want to make any changes to it the healthy way. Don ‘t do it where it can hurt you.“

How to help someone with this problem? Talk to a sociologist and family, or maybe friends. It all depends if you love yourself; eat healthy and love yourself.  SPASH counselor, Mrs Kuick said , “Everybody is different. Just because you don”t let everyone judge you for your body, it is okay to be who you are if you want to make any changes to it the healthy way. Don”t do it where it can hurt you.”

Maybe do some exercise, have a routine, and when people speak ill of you or on the internet, do not pay attention to them. You know what you are worth,  you are you,  and you do not have to change for anyone.  If they do not love you for how you look,  well it is not there. Remember you are worth gold and it doesn’t matter what people think of you.

Just think about yourself, don”t think about what other people think about you. You do not need to impress everyone. Feel good for you! If you like eating well,  then go for it. You don”t need a perfect body and if you want to be like other girls, well that”s on you; but you should”t have to.  Don”t depend on how your body looks in other people’s eyes. Everyone has their own body. If you don”t like your body, please don’t judge other people’s bodies, just because you don’t like yours. You will feel a little better just focusing on yours.   Not anyone else’s because they won”t help you, that might just destroy you. Stand up for you and learn to love yourself!