SPASH Culture

SPASH Culture

Nco Xiong, Hour: 5B

How do you fit into SPASH? This is probably a question you’ve asked yourself before. The culture at SPASH is different for everyone but it can also share some of the values to the students. 

First of all, my question to students is what does culture mean to you at SPASH? This question can be different for everyone because they have their own beliefs or opinions of culture compared to others. When asking this question I’ve received a bunch of different answers and some that are similar, one answer I received from a SPASH student named Winston “It’s like a flare and being proud of who you are and what sets us apart from others and a morale booster that increases productivity.” From this he is meaning that it is the people at SPASH who make up the culture at school. An answer I received commonly was students doing their homework on time or getting to class on time.

Moving on, another question I have asked students is do they feel that SPASH embraces the culture of their students? Oreiyeun Khang, a student at SPASH says “Yeah pretty much, the school allows their students freedom and express who they are.” I feel that the school does let their students have their freedom in the clothes they wear or how they act. Another response I have gotten from another student, Winston, says “Sometimes they do but sometimes they don’t. Some people are very judgmental but there are staff who would protect a person’s culture.” this is also true in which there are people who are judgmental about a person’s culture; but there are people and staff who will stand up for those who think they are being an outcast for who they are.

And finally, when thinking about culture there is one more thought that comes to mind and that is does the culture at SPASH help you learn more or not? When asking this question to Leo Yang, a student at SPASH what he has in mind is similar to what other students have told me he says “It kinda does, only because it helps my grade and tells me how other people learn.” This is very interesting because the way SPASH culture can help students learn in different ways can affect improvements on grades. But at the end of the day everyone is different and have their own way of showing their culture and who they are.