Getting ready to workout for basketball

Kong Pheng Chang, Hour 2

 How can people still play the game of basketball when they’re tired on the basketball court? Students who play basketball should know that workout is the process of stamina, health, and energy. It really can keep up for all the time in a basketball game. The issues in basketball are about stamina, being out of breath easily can interrupt your basketball game.  These workouts getting in shape for basketball will require jogging, push ups, and sit ups. It should let people think about and understand how to workout for basketball. According to Amon the Spash junior student, how much time in a basketball game usually take? “For competitive basketball for students, people who are in basketball leagues can take 12 minutes each quarter of when they play.”

 According to the New York Times, Students should be advised to workout and ways of getting healthy which is: Drink a lot of water, make sure you get almonds, coffee, and salmon and eat oatmeal in you to get some fiber. Being so fit into basketball gives coaches the momentum to ask the basketball players to get in shape. In basketball there are rules of being able to workout such as running up and down the mat, doing jumping jacks, push ups, and squatting to improve your stamina for basketball practices For basketball sports. It is important for people to workout for basketball reasons and some of the challenges that basketball players have to be working hard in their prime to be able to stay passionate about basketball games. 

According to Deacon, the junior class president, he said this to all the students “An explanation to all basketball students is that training hard is difficult for basketball training sometimes and the stamina will decrease every time to your lungs if you’re not working it, but it will really help to get more focus on the game and getting less tired into the basketball game.” Now, stamina is a big part of getting in shape for basketball and staying active for sports.