What SPASH students think about global warming


Sam Zuege, Hour 1

Climate change is causing crazy storms, climate and rising sea levels and SPASH students don’t care.  I talked to three people and many others and most of them are on the same page. They state that global warming is fake and it is just a liberal ideology, and we should not be worrying about it.

Many SPASH students feel that climate change is fake and it is not affecting them or the environment around them. As max a student at SPASH that does not believe global warming is real states that “Global warming is fake because there is no real evidence to back it up as real” but max is very wrong because according to NASA “Climate change can also impact human health by worsening air and water quality, increasing the spread of certain diseases, and altering the frequency or intensity of extreme weather events.” More SPASH students need to understand how bad climate change is because it not only affects the environment but it is also affecting humans and how they live their day to day lives. Another student who would like to be anonymous at SPASH says “ I see nothing happening because it’s fake and there is nothing to worry about.” Which is wrong again because according to NASA “Climate change has caused increased heat, drought, and insect outbreaks. In turn, these changes have made wildfires more numerous and severe”. And increased heat and drought cause farmers to grow less good crops so in turn it is affecting the way humans live their day to day lives

Some SPASH students are the opposite and they do believe in climate change. Charlie H a student at SPASH is a big believer saying “People who don’t believe that it is true are stupid because it is effecting not only the environment but also it is effecting the way we live are lives”. According to United Nations news.org “Changes in temperature cause changes in rainfall. This results in more severe and frequent storms. They cause flooding and landslides, destroying homes and communities, and costing billions of dollars”.See not only does climate change affect the environment it also is affecting how we live because it causes more severe storms which means more money out of our pockets. I then asked Charlie about the number one cause of climate change and he said the burning of fossil fuels. The human population on a rise is not a good thing either according to national geographic “As the human population has increased, so has the volume of fossil fuels burned. Fossil fuels include coal, oil, and natural gas, and burning them causes what is known as the “greenhouse effect” in Earth’s atmosphere. 

There are many opinions at SPASH on global warming but in the end SPASH students need to look at the facts. First of all according to national geographic “Global temperatures and sea levels are rising, and possibly contributing to larger more devastating storms. This can all be contributed to climate change” and only is climate change affecting the environment but it also is affecting the way we live because of the air and water population. I hope that this article can change the minds of many SPASH students. I hope that this article can change the minds of many SPASH students. After interviewing many students at SPASH I found out that many don’t think climate change is real or it is not a big deal because it is just getting a little hotter and the environment is hurting a bit. But the truth is it is doing more than that it is affecting who we live and that’s a pretty big deal that people need to know about.

Picture from Wikimedia showing the rise in global temperature.