The Wellness of SPASH Students in Winter Break

Fo Koua Moua

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When the Winter Break day arrives, SPASH students are excited to go home and enjoy their time with their family. Even those who don’t have mental health conditions may still be looking for ways to improve their mood and manage their day-to-day mental health. It is important to mentaly stay healthy over the winter break. Some people can be stressed, happy, or doing other activities.

Happy healthy routine 

Dylan Nagorski, a SPASH junior student, interviewed about wellness in his winter break.Did you have a good break? What did you do? “Yes I did have a good break, I played Fortnite and got good presents and celebrated christmas.” What makes you the happiest during the Christmas and winter break? “I was happy when there is no school and I don’t have to wake up early.” Did you have enough sleep during the break? How many hours did you get? Sleep late or early? ”I got 9 hours of sleep each night. Yes, I slept late and felt very freshed in the morning.”

Normal Lifestyle

Now a second person, SPASH junior student Yee Leng Thao. Did you engage with any activity during the break? What activity did you do? “I didn’t engage in any activities often during the winter break. It is usually just family time.” What were you thankful about what happened during break? “I was thankful that my mom bought the gift that I wanted, even though it was the cheapest one. I still liked it.” How did you feel when the winter break was over? “I did feel disappointed when it ended. Though I always think that we should get more breaks but it is what it is.”

Coping with stress

Finally the third SPASH junior student Saul Lopez. Did you feel stressed or depressed during the break or at the end of the break? “I was stressed because I was working a lot on the restaurant, getting ready to open.” How did you feel when the winter break was over? “I was kind of happy because I was done working in my family restaurant.” Did you engage with any activity during the break? What activity did you do? “I went bowling and mini golf with my cousins, friends, and my family during the break.”

In conclusion, even some students experience stress or other mental health issues during the winter break. Students are still able to cope with stress by spending time with their family, getting enough sleep, and doing activities.