Why you should be working out

This is a picture of the gym I go to.

This is a picture of the gym I go to.

Brandon J. Hernandez

To start I will go over a good starting point for people looking to begin working out.

First, you are going to want to see what your goals are. If you feel you need to gain weight and put on a lot of mass, you should bulk. Bulking is when you eat in a calorie surplus everyday, a calorie surplus is when you are eating more calories than your maintenance. To find your maintenance, you should go online, and find a calorie maintenance finder. After entering your height, current weight, and how much you exercise, it will give you a number, usually anywhere from 2000, to 3000 calories. For me, my maintenance is 2600 calories, and currently I am bulking, by eating 3000 calories a day. A personal trainer I know at 212 fitness kevin, is doing a bulk right now.“I am eating around 3000 calories a day, and bulking as of now” kevin has been working out for nearly a decade, and his most important advice for people getting into it, is to be consistent. I also interviewed a friend of mine that I workout with, Noah Cratsenburg. He says, ““My Main source of protein is meat, usually chicken or beef”. Protein from whole foods are superior to protein from other sources, like powder, or shakes, but powder and shakes are useful for getting that extra protein in. 

Benefits of resistance Training

There are countless benefits of resistance training, it is proven lifting weights can increase life expectancy long term. A quote from the New York Times, “It improves cardiovascular health. Resistance training increases blood flow to muscles throughout your body, which lowers your blood pressure.Even without doing cardio, resistance training with weights can have an impact on your cardiovascular health. Everyone knows that exercise is important for your health, but most people ignore a crucial component of exercise, Resistance training.

Eating before and after training

When it comes to building muscle, what you do in the kitchen can be just as important as what you do in the gym. After your workout, eating a form of protein can help you recover faster. “Before my workout I usually have some type of carbohydrate, and then pre workout. And after that I’ll have protein powder”. Noah will usually have oatmeal, or some type of complex carb before a workout.

 What I want for SPASH students is for them to not only have a better body overall, but working out also is a huge confidence booster, and can completely change someone. I want more people to reach their full potential.