Spash Record Board, Unfair?

Jessica Balthazore

A picture of the current SPASH record boards in the weight room.

For years girls have had to share a record board with boys, making it nearly impossible to be on it. In the past, SPASH used to have record boards in the MPR (multi-purpose room). The boards were written out on a chalkboard and each sport had their own. Since things have changed, sources have not seen a girl’s name on the board. Therefore, there should be a separate record board in the SPASH weight room for girls and boys because girls deserve equal recognition for their achievements.

A feeling of defeat

When looking at the board, girls can feel discouraged because they can’t hit the numbers on it. SPASH head Football Coach, Coach Krenz, states  “…it can be only difficult for a female to make that board simply because how kids in high school, their bodies develop differently so it would be tougher for a young lady to make that board obviously,” explaining how much struggle girls have even trying to get up there. ”Honestly guys are stronger than girls,” stated Mr. Drohner, strength and conditioning coach at SPASH. He goes on to say how plenty of women athletes have gone through SPASH and spent a lot of time in the weight room which can lead to a proud feeling if girls were to have their own board. There is a sense of defeat when looking up at the men’s board and knowing they will never get to see their name up there but with a women’s board it can open up many more opportunities.

Having a board can provide more motivation

Girls recieving a board could allow them to set more reasonable goals and would give them motivation to push themselves further and further each day. Every day guys are recognized when people look at their names, so why can’t girls be recognized just as equally? Overall, when sources were questioned whether the board would draw more women into the weightroom, the answer varied. “You know It’s a tough question because of what the thinking is behind it. I know the purpose and the thinking behind building this room [Weight Room] was and that was to build a better athlete.” Here Coach Krenz goes in to explain how even guys question if they can get on the board. Many think you have to be a football player to get on the board, but in reality all it takes is hard work. He goes on to state, “I’m a strong believer that if you want to compete and you want to be a champion it all starts in the weight room. This is where gains are won and lost.” 

Coach Krenz’s response goes hand in hand with what Mr. Drohner had to say as well. “…I am a huge advocate of women’s athletics. I absolutely never thought about it but I would like to see it happen.” Mr. Drohner goes on to explain how having more motivation in the weight room can get more female participants to get involved, stating how the boards seem to be overlooked as well. 

On the other hand, Mr. Altmann, a Football Coach and math teacher here at SPASH, explains how people may not feel comfortable because they don’t trust in themselves. “ I think a lot of people are intimidated by putting records up. It could be because they don’t believe in themselves and don’t think they can achieve numbers others may get, but I don’t view it as that.” Whilst this is true, records can be opinion based as well. If somebody wants to lift weights, but doesn’t want their name up, the option would always be available. 


The main problem for this situation is funding. However, many staff members said they would happily donate and even Mr. Almann stated, “I think we can even use some of the resources already available to have one for guys and one for girls.”

In the end, it is what is fair

To sum up what has been stated, there should be another record board because it would benefit girls in the same way it benefits guys. Guys can get a sense of relief when seeing their name. But for girls, it’s impossible because they can’t hit the same numbers that guys can. Overall, it’s only fair that girls have a board as well. At the end of the day we have the funding and the room, the only thing left to do is to put the plan into action.