The Corruption In Cuba

Keilly Suarez

Corruption in Cuba has been going on and it has been increasing with the passing of the years. This has been happening since the members of the government of Cuba started to benefit from it. How much the Cuban government is spending and the insufficiency of political, economic and social rights give a number  of corruption risks. In general, Cuba’s ability to expose and get grips with corruption is “hindered by limited political and civil liberties and one of the world’s most restrictive media environments” according to Transparency International. With this we should ask ourselves what the government has to hide that they rest freedom of speech including social media?       

In this graph we could see the previous year, in 2020 the level of corruption in Cuba slightly raised by 4 % Data from CPI.

Cuba has been corrupt for a long time but the more impact was when Fidel Castro started as a president (26 of July 1953 to 1 of January 1959) . Cuba ranks 62nd out of 180 countries in terms of corruption perception, which is an increase of 2 places since last years’ CPI score in 2016. The CPI stands for The Corruption Perceptions Index and is an index which classifies countries in ranks by a subject. This score is better than other countries but it still shows precipitation of high levels of corruption in the country. The percentage nowadays keeps going up. Something we should think about is the Cuban government really trying to change their corruption practices?

The Obama administration stopped restrictions on trade with and travel to cuba. According to a Cuban resident The United States has effectively rewarded the island’s communist government, while the Cuban people continue to suffer under oppressive political leadership”. This would be beneficial to the Cuban economy but the question is would it actually be beneficial to the Cuban people or just the Cuban government?. The U.S travel ban would end the trade embargo. It’s not enough to empower the Cuban people. The trade embargo is unnecessarily difficult to manage because of the restriction on banking and exports. 

 The Cuban government was trying to avoid talking about the way they rule their country for years. There were just a few interviews but they all talked about the “good things” that they had done. But according to Culture Gram, “Cuba nevertheless saw a growth in drug and gang violence, an increase in the number of refugees fleeing Nicaragua and Venezuela, and worsening inequality “. This means that Cuba corruption keeps growing with no stop. There’s not much information about this since the Cuban government controls the social media of the country because no one has freedom of expression .

This article is to inform people of the horrendous treatment that people in Cuba are going through. It’s important too because by informing other people the citizens of Cuba might get help. The Cuban people have the same right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly as all people. Everyone deserves to feel safe in their country. Don’t let social media fool you. I know social media might tell you or show that everything is fine but it isn’t.