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Keilly Suarez

Keilly Suarez, Hour 1

Keilly Suarez is a 16 year old girl from Mexico with a talent to play the guitar. After playing for about five years, she says her favorite song to play is Si te vas Sech. When asked what inspires her, she says her hardworking family who doesn’t ever give up motivates her more than anything. Keilly has only been living in Stevens Point for two months after having lived in Texas. Stevens Point may seem like a strange place to move to, but her and her family moved here for her mom to work. Keilly says Stevens Point is a very small town compared to where she lived in Texas, and there’s a lot less traffic than there was in Texas. When asked what she wants to do when she's older, Keilly wants to be an architect to see how she likes it then see what other careers she would be interested in. Other than playing guitar, she likes to go outside and paint the things she sees around her.

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Keilly Suarez