Video Games Addictions

Gee Lee

For most teenagers, playing video games is enjoyable and often a social form of entertainment. While playing video games is a fun way to kill time, there is a growing concern if the students are spending too much time playing video games, the negative outcome by playing video games can lead to addiction.

During the lockdown teenagers are spending most of their devices to keep them busy during the lockdown. Studies show that teens and kids spend countless hours playing games like Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, League Of Legends, Call Of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto. Playing video games can develop bad habits for teens and tweens because most video games are really fun to play for their age; violent video games are the most popular among the teens although violent video games can develop toxic behaviors. Most teens limit their time of playing video games by setting up a timer for 2 hours to take a break from playing video games for a while, during their break time they can read a book, watch videos, or hang out with their friends; just by spending a lot of time playing video games it can affect their mental state.

During the school week it can be a bit hard for student’s to balance out their schedule because they have a job and a lot of homework to do. After a long day of school and work the amount of stress that the student has when they get home they have to complete their homework before the due date. For most students that don’t have a job they often spend their time playing video games setting up a timer to limit their time to play video games then move onto finishing up their homeworks; if the student finished up early they usually go back to playing games. Playing video games can be stress relieving after a long day of school or work; a student said “I do feel less stress after school because I find it enjoyable to sit down and relax before I have to do anything else like work or schoolwork.” Student’s feels less stress when they play video games each time they get home from school and over the weekend they spend more time on playing video games instead of homework.