The Biggest Issue Is Mental Health

Katalyna Vang

Do you think that if the pandemic continues there will be more mental health cases? Yes, It will cause more cases of people having emotions, depression, and anxiety during pandemic. “Mental health is one of the biggest pandemic issues we’ll face in 2021” said  Kristen Rodgers from CNN.  Mental health that can affect all ages and disorders. Lisa Carlson has been working on mental health to the people who need help with their emotions.  They are helping people tell about their mental health, disorder, and sleep. They want to talk about mental health and public health to communicate with our families and our communities.  

At this time, this can lead to loneliness and can affect all ages in many ways. The people and children have missed out on their opportunities for social development due Covid-19.  The people have been safe at home since beginning 2020.  Meanwhile, “Many people have been gaining weight” (Dasgupta). The weight can be a risk factor and sleep apnea is the higher risk for developing depression and anxiety.  Developing a sleep routine and practicing more the relaxation  techniques in 2021. This could help people use a sleep routine to help them sleep better in 2021.  During pandemic people have a hard time having too much going on and don’t get more lots of sleep. 

Next, I did an interview with Dr. Yang  about mental health. Dr. Yang talked about his point of view. 

KV: What do you think mental health was in 2020 and how it will be like in 2021? 

Dr. YangCurrently the topic of mental health is a hot-button issue and continues to be a topic not a lot of people talk about. I feel people’s mental health and seeking mental health services should be a top priority in everyone’s lives. Today we can see and hear celebrities talking about their mental wellbeing and how they are addressing their mental health in terms of anxiety and depression. So in a sense, people are normalizing seeking help to improve their mental health. In many communities it is still seen as a taboo, or negative thoughts about people who try to better their mental health, such as seeing a therapist. I hope to one day see that everyone prioritizes their mental health whether that is seeking a mental health counselor/therapist or take steps to work on their mental health, even with simple self-care acts like meditation. Dr. Yang telling about his opinion about mental health.

KV: What are some of the challenges that people have faced? 

The image is a man having a hard time during a pandemic and man is going through depression and anxiety.

Dr. Yang: The challenges people face are different from people to people. Typically, when I see people, they have encountered many of their issues or traumas from childhood and haven’t addressed and worked through them. Therefore, causing them issues like depression or anxiety into their adulthood. So depression is complex but to over simplify it, it is a sense of sadness that takes over you and it is hard to get over that sadness. Depression can look differently to everyone, but it’s a feeling that you can’t shake and makes it hard for you to do the things you used to love or enjoy. Anxiety is complex, this too can look differently for everyone, simply put, it is the feeling of worry that lasts a long time and makes it difficult for you to function or think of anything else but the think you are worrying about.. Challenges have included a lack of structure, more time in a triggering environment and difficulty finding privacy for telehealth sessions and other virtual support (Kronengold,).” They are good at talking about the challenges of mental health and they have their own opinions about this issue.

KV: Do you think that if the pandemic continues there will be more mental health cases?

Dr. Yang:  Yes, It will cause more cases of people having emotions, depression, and anxiety during pandemic.  

There’s good people who help others to talk about their mental health and some advice to help them in 2021.  Dr. Yang is always helping people who need help and need to talk about. The article is Lisa Carlson trying to help people with mental health during pandemic. “I think the most important thing we can do – as professionals and in our families and in our communities- is to talk about it (Carlson).” They will talk about public health and mental health in 2021.