Depression You Are Not Alone

Trenton Wood

A lot of people in life deal with depression, but some may not have it or have it worse. Nowadays people have been gaining and getting a lot more depressed in the year 2020. There are many reasons why we all have it. There are some ways that might help you or others on how to deal with your depression. 

Depression is often caused by a painful event. This can include breakups, hard times, family losses and many other things in their personal life. Sometimes you don’t really realize if you have depression until you hit rock bottom of your life and don’t know what to do. Very Well Mind, an online magazine, says that these painful events cause, … high levels of the hormone cortisol that are secreted during these stressful, traumatic times.  Cortisol affects the neurotransmitter serotonin and can trigger depression.” This is most of the reasons why people might have depression because of painful events in their life span. 

Secondly, when people usually tell their friends and family about their depression they might make jokes about it saying that you’re just a kid you don’t know what depression is or say that you’ll get over it your fine. Aside from people telling you that it’s a phase or you’ll get over it, it’s not a serious illness that people have to deal with in their daily life. I interviewed a spash students to see what it was like being a student in spash and having to deal with depression in their daily life. One of the questions I had asked was if they thought it would get better from where they were at the time or worse and why would that be? The response to that “I didn’t because every time it started to get better something made it worse than before.” This shows that depression can affect someone’s life as a student and what is going on in their life. 

Lastly here are some tips that might help slightly or at least some way. You should always have someone to talk to, Family members. Teacher. Close friend, Coach, etc and make sure they know what is going on. Also don’t keep it inside and try to talk to someone to get some help. Third, do something you love the most, like exercise, drive, play games or even hangout with friends. Little stuff like these can really help you out and establish a better mental well being and might help you as you go in life. 

Overall we all have to deal with hard times and depression in our life. If you don’t know how to get things off your chess, talk to a family member, teacher, close friend, even a counselor. Do not let things build up to cause more stress and get worse over time. If you are deep in depression and have suicidal thoughts call the number 800-272-8255.