Staying Healthy During COVID-19

Colby Hintz

Exercising in the midst of a global pandemic might be the last thing you would like to think about, but staying healthy and building a solid routine is very important to our overall health. It is especially important during a time when it can be easy to set it aside. 

Exercising and eating healthy along with setting up a routine for your workouts are big factors in overall health and motivation to stay healthy. 

Despite what people might think, creating a healthy routine can be inexpensive and easy. Madi Laabs, a Junior at SPASH, has been simply taking walks throughout her neighborhood and trying to eat healthier during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an example of how easy it can be to build healthy habits, especially during a time where there isn’t much else to do.

Although it can be easy to just set your workouts aside and say to yourself that you will do it another time, building a routine can be very beneficial and can help keep you motivated to continue to work out. Bennett Ksicinski, Junior at SPASH, said that because he was able to make a routine he felt “very motivated.”, he continued by saying “Everyday I see an opportunity to either get better or worse, you can’t stay the same.”. One thing that I thought was helpful, for me, was putting reminders in my phone and scheduling a certain muscle group to work out each day. This might sound complicated but it was actually pretty easy and it made me more motivated to do the workouts. 

Another way to help you stay motivated to work out is to set goals for yourself. Examples of these goals could be losing weight, gaining a certain amount of pounds on the lifts that you do, or even getting faster and shaving off time from your runs. Bennent Ksicinski set goals for his 1 rep max’s on various lifts to keep him motivated. Motivation is a huge deciding factor on whether or not you will actually complete your work outs, and setting goals can make it way easier to stay motivated to complete them.

In conclusion, staying healthy, especially in the midst of a global pandemic, is essential. Building healthy habits can be inexpensive and easy. Creating these healthy habits a routine can be very helpful. And finally, setting goals for yourself can also be a huge help in keeping you motivated to complete your exercises. I know it may seem like it’s a hard and complicated process but any simple exercise you can think of is better than none. Making sure you are healthy is the most important part and these tips can be very useful in the process of staying active