SPASH Fall Sports Cancelled

Elizabeth Ramirez

Fall sports are cancelled because of COVID-19.   On September 18, SPASH  decided  to cancel school  sports. Therefore seniors can’t play their last games. 

 The Athletic Director, Mr. Michael Blair  of SPASH explains  how this pandemic is impacting  sports. He said,  “The pandemic has had a major impact on our sports at SPASH.  Our school district has chosen to suspend all our fall WIAA sports and all co-curricular activities for the fall season.  Our school facilities are closed down at the moment for all activities although we are now working toward re-opening some of the facilities in hopes of getting ready for the winter sports season.”

 This indicates that COVID-19 is really affecting sports  at schools. The students who play sports cannot  really get scholarships since coaches  from universities cannot see them play. 

In addition Mr. Blair points out,  “I worked closely with our superintendent, building principal, and other district leaders on this situation.  We were all in agreement that suspending our fall activities was in the best interest of our student-athletes, coaches, families, and community when looking at it from a safety perspective.”  He describes that the schools are trying to protect  the students. It might  make some students mad,  but it is the best way to protect the students from getting COVID-19 and spreading the virus.  Moreover the coach added “I’m sure it is frustrating for our student-athletes, especially when SPASH was the only WVC school to suspend activities for the fall season.”

In fact students found different ways to entertain themselves. For example,  Mr. Blair reports, “Many of our student-athletes have kept busy by taking part in non-school related activities this fall.”  

The school cancelled sports because it was the only want to protect the students from COVID-19 and stop spreading the virus, so no more people die.