Why Football Should Be Played In The Spring This Year

Trenton Wood

All of us are always looking to High School football in the fall, but this year is different. Is there a way that football can come back and be the same playing in different seasons? But this year the players and many people say different things. As a member of the football team in the midst  of  COVID, there are a lot of things the guys on the team talk about and say to each other as well as hearing things on social media, and walking around in public. Even though it pains a lot of people in this town not to play football in the fall, it is wise to wait until spring and play under better conditions.

 It would be better to wait and play until the spring because even though teams are playing right now they will be at a higher risk than we might be, if they find ways to cure COVID and could be better with health conditions. If the health conditions were to be better this fall than, the ability to play would be higher. But since they are not, we should not be risking the players, and the coaches healths its best to wait until spring. Also when we do wait until spring and we find a cure for COVID, we could have home games if Stevens Points lets us.

The first reason football should be played in the spring this year is because of safety conditions. How will people adjust to the conditions that will be needed to be able to play in the fall if there was. How are you going to keep the players away when it’s a very hard contact sport, as well as having them wear masks while they’re playing? How are they going to breathe well with a mask on? There are a lot of safety conditions and questions that will be asked during this time.  Since the players and staff in Stevens Point this year will be waiting until spring they could possibly find a cure for Covid-19 and it would be best to wait because of the fact that they are so far in researching for a cure and wouldn’t want the players to get sick for a long period of time and have something bad happen to their body. According to New York Times in Portage County from October eleventh to the twenty fourth there has been a total of 751 cases and that has been in a small time span throughout the whole time we´ve been in quarantine.  Stevens Point Area High has made a good decision to wait until the spring and let football be able to play at all.  

 Currently they have no place to play at home. The town of Stevens Point had voted this summer that no teams could play on their field this year. It was a close vote, it was 3-4 not being able to play. Yes you could play all away games  some teams will have the same thing going on you won’t be able to play. By waiting until the spring and when or if they find a cure, then the people of Stevens Point can vote again and could possibly change their minds. There possibly also could be fans as well if they do find a cure. Finally if some of the teams also don’t have a place to play and with a limited schedule it would most likely mess up the playoffs as well as the standings. Lastly the team needs a place to play so it would be better off waiting until the spring to possibly play at Goerke in front of everyone. 

Another reason is that jumping into a season later in the fall wouldn’t make sense because having a long season there would be snow and the conditions could be bad. Playing in the cold is a love hate relationship. Having to play in snow would make it worse because of the fact it will get colder and there will be ice as well. The player’s cleats would not be able to stick into the ground, that could get them hurt. Cleats are like shows they can get water in the inside very easily and your toes would be freezing from the snow at the top and bottom. It just would not work out at all because of just some of these reasons. 

Also delaying the season start until spring gives players time to work hard and achieve more things in school and get bigger. I interviewed Coach Haka and I asked him if it was better to wait until the spring. His response was ¨I´m okay with it, nobody has a crystal ball. I think pushing it back is better to be able to get to play a full season, rather than starting it then canceling it¨. He also had said that he’s excited to see the product the guys put on the field. He believes that they have a great team and season ahead of them and bond great together during this quarantine. This is another reason why football season should be played in the spring this year because of what is happening and better things are happening this year. 

Finally delaying football gives the players to work for something. What this means is to do good in school and get good grades. If you don’t have something to make you better and you do not do well academically then you might not be able to play a few games and no one wants that. When you don’t have anything to work for and you just have an attitude of saying whatever football starts before school does so my grades barely matter, you’re not going to care then and get suspended for a couple games. I think that it would be great because most players don’t usually do good in school, have something to work for, put time and effort into school and then get to play and not worry about a suspension.

 Overall football should be played in the spring this year due to various reasons, especially now that Stevens Point Area High School has announced they are going online from the end of their Thanksgiving break to  their Christmas break. There should not be football this fall even if it is late; play in the spring. This will not hurt anybody being able to play in the spring. If anything it’ll make it better.