A healthy 100

Noah Viegut


Many people all across the world live to a healthy 100 years of age even though the average life expectancy is less than 80. They do little things every day that help them stay healthy and enjoy every day. 

Almost everyone across the world wants to live with their family until they grow old but very few people actually take the steps to have a healthy body and a happy mind. Many people use excuses to allow their unhealthy habits to continue when these habits could easily be broken with little effort. 

Building healthy habits and getting rid of unhealthy ones is among the key steps that many people over the age of 100 accredit their good health. Your body naturally likes to have a routine of when to eat, sleep, and wake up, and little things like that take the stress off your body and help increase your health. 

Activities that take away stress and are also healthy are some of the best things to do. Yoga, going for walks and playing sports are some examples of great activities that help mental and physical states. 

Even though the mind and the body are very different they are linked. If one is not healthy it will drag down the other. In order to keep one working its hardest the other needs to keep working as well.