Daily Dose for Friday, Jan. 25

SPASH: Daily Announcements
Have you ever been in a class fourth hour where you couldn’t hear the daily announcements? Maybe you missed hearing when your club was meeting or where you can find a scholarship. If you ever miss the daily announcements and need to read them, you can find them on the SPASH website homepage. Everything is listed for you to read, that way you are always on top of all the things happening at SPASH. (NC)

LOCAL: New Sentry building open house
If you still don’t know what that big ole building is kitty corner from the Sentry building playing monkey in the middle with the roundabout, it’s the new Sentry building. Judging by Sentry’s lean towards the fancy side of life, the inside of the of the building will be similar to Google’s vibes. The new 7-story offices will feature an onsite cafeteria, fitness centers, health services, gardens, and rest areas for employee siestas. They also have a four-story parking garage if you’re wondering what the building is next to it. There will be self-guided tours this Saturday from 1:00 until 4:00. (NP)

STATE: The confederate flag debate in Tomah
History is still lingering among us as the debate of allowing the confederate flag in schools is rising. According to Madison News the Tomah school board in Wisconsin is debating the ban of students wearing and showing off the confederate flag in school. Discussions are taking up a great deal of time at the school board meetings to figure out what the best solution is to this daunting debate. This problem has come to the attention of the school board after the flag was causing disruptions in the schools. It is not only affecting the learning process of students but also making them uncomfortable in general. Most of the schools surrounding Tomah have already put a ban on the confederate flag in schools but now it’s Tomah’s turn to make their final decision. (AS)

NATIONAL: Pelosi calls for Trump to postpone state of the union address
Amid the government shutdown Speaker Pelosi calls for Trump to push back the state of the union address until the government re-opens. The president complied and called her position “actually reasonable.” The address will happen once the government resumes business again. (LG)

NATIONAL: Trump announces agreement to end government shutdown
President Donald Trump announced today, Friday Jan. 25, that he will support an agreement to end the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. This announcement which was made at the White House said the agreement does not involve border wall funding. President Trump said there was a possibility that if Congress cannot reach an agreement on the border wall issue, he might issue a national emergency to find funds for the proposed wall. (BN)