Are athletes paid too much?


The Mirror reporter

Many athletes receive millions of dollars for a profession that is probably the least important in a cluster of careers.

Lots of problems arise because of athletes’ salaries. Some of these problems include financial instability after retirement, abuse of performance-enhancing drugs, and false worship of athletes.

It has been reported that 78 percent of National Football League (NFL) players and 60 percent of National Basketball Association (NBA) players end in bankruptcy after five years in retirement. These statistics give us an insight into the disrespectful way many athletes treat the money they receive.

This is due to the fact that many of these athletes came from a background where money was not limitless. Inexperienced in dealing with this kind of money, many of them end up making misguided financial management decisions which lead to bankruptcy.

Even athletes feel they receive more money than worth their effort. After signing his five year $100 million contract NFL quarterback Drew Brees noted, “Unless you are finding a cure for cancer or creating world peace, I don’t know if anybody deserves to get that much money.”

This much money is also creating an excuse for bad behavior. You might ask why someone receiving this huge amount of money would behave inappropriately.

Some of these athletes use steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs to get an edge on their competition for more money and fame. This is a problem because they abuse the drugs and become more aggressive.

The huge money that these athletes receive has created a false worship of athletes. Fans immerse themselves into athletes’ daily lives like they are gods. Athletes are just people like us and not different. Just because a person can run a little faster or play a little better doesn’t make them almighty.

Firefighters and doctors save people’s lives on a daily basis and yet they don’t receive a fraction of what most athletes do. Compensation should be based on the importance of the job and not entertainment. Pay people that make a difference in the world.