Sleep Shortage


The Mirror reporter

Students all around the world are going to school and hopefully giving their best to gets those grades. But sometimes students have a hard time doing their work and paying attention in school due to drowsiness from lack of sleep or bad sleeping habits.

The average teenager gets seven to seven and a half hours of sleep every night, but teenagers should be getting nine to nine and a half hours. They need sleep just like everyone but sometimes due to school, work, or family. They don’t get the hours they need.

One of the major causes is the early school start time. Most high schools start as early as 7:00 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. This usually makes student start to wake up between 5:00 and 6:00 to get ready and travel to school. Then students spend all day in school listening to lectures and doing work and some have work and afterschool activities that keep them busy till ten at night.

According to the website Nationwide, “most adolescents are very sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation will have an impact on many teenagers” and “academic performance. Studies show that teenagers who get less sleep are more apt to get poor grades in school, fall asleep in school, and have school tardiness/absences.”

So not only does it affect school grades but behavior. Students need to get a good amount of sleep to perform well in school.

There are many ways that could help students get a good night’s sleep.

Some ways to keep a great sleeping habit would be as easy as turning electronics off before bed and not oversleeping on weekends. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule would help, too, but with homework and work it can be hard.

Students should avoid caffeine, smoking, alcohol, and drugs. All of these things are something people should avoid before bed because they will keep you up longer instead of getting as much sleep as one can.

With these simple solutions, students can get more sleep and perform better academically and have a better mood throughout the day. There are many other things that could be done to help but these are some of the major ones.