A bombshell bandshell


The Mirror reporter

On Thursday, May 17 from 11:15 to around 12:30 pm, the SPASH bands will be performing at the Pfiffner Park bandshell with the 9th grade Ben Franklin band. The performance is open to the public and free to attend.

A few of the songs that will be played at the bandshell include a Pink Floyd Medley, Video Games Live, and Mission Impossible (pep band style). Both of the SPASH bands will play alone and then combine to form a large ensemble.

I’m glad there will be excellent weather!” Brad Schmidt, band director, said excitingly. “It’s going to be a fun outdoor concert with the Ben Franklin students.”

Near the end of the concert, the SPASH bands will combine with the Ben Franklin band and play a few of the pep band songs that the ninth graders will play the following year for their first year at SPASH.

“It’s a really cool tradition that we’ve kept going for many years,” Rod Lawrence, band student, said. “It’s fun welcoming new students into SPASH to pursue their careers and it’s just a fun time all around for everyone.”