Shedding those winter layers


The Mirror reporter

Winter is the time when snuggling up indoors sounds the most ideal, but it’s actually during winter when exercise and good health is most important, not only physically, but mentally too.

In winter it’s difficult to stay motivated, productive and positive. The winter blues can make this beautiful season unhappy and it’s no wonder why. No one loves those cold, gray days. Exercising is one of the best ways to improve mood and combat the winter blues. Studies show that exercising helps boost feel-good endorphins, which leads to happiness.

For a lot of athletes at Stevens Point Area Senior High, winter is their off season. Fall and spring are known for the most popular sports here at SPASH. Three sport athletes don’t worry about getting out of shape because they’re always involved. But what about the athletes who only participate in fall and spring sports? Kaitlyn Herman, a senior at Stevens Point Area Senior High stays in shape during winter by, “Participating in CrossFit year round. In the fall I’m busy with swimming and in the spring I play soccer, so it’s very important for me to stay in shape. Not only does exercising year-round help me stay in shape, it helps my mental state as well. It’s important to stay in a happy state of mind during those harsh, cold winter months.”

Sue Gibbons, an RN at Ascension Health said, “Regular workouts are also a powerful immunity booster.” Sue also stated, “Although healthy eating plays a more vital role in immune system development and maintenance, exercise can also help reduce the risk of cold and flu.” Even a 10-minute workout can make a huge difference to overall health. It can be as simple as a few sit-ups or walking. That alone will help improve the immune system drastically.