Many benefits from canoeing


The Mirror reporter

Canoeing has been in Wisconsin’s history ever since the Native Americans. From the early

French Canadian explores and fur traders to the modern day canoeist, canoes have been used to

discover Wisconsin.

Most people do not know the importance of the canoe. Canoes were essential in mapping out

the interior of Wisconsin, transporting goods and for French explorers looking to discover new paths to the Pacific Ocean for trade.

The French Canadian Voyagers had a major effect in Wisconsin. “French Canadian Voyagers

were the first to establish European contact with Native Americans. They established, promoted and protected trade in the Wisconsin Territory,” said Glen Reindl, Wisconsin River Academy and history teacher.

Canoeing being a Wisconsin past time is still here today. It is one of the most popular outdoor

activities for athletes, environmentalist, and people who love the outdoors.

Canoeing provides many health benefits such as improving cardiovascular fitness, increasing muscle strength, improving mental health and reducing the risk of joint and tissue problems or injuries.

Canoeing can be peaceful, meditative, or exhilarating. It is a great way to explore Wisconsin and get connected with nature and our state history.

Portage County is a perfect location for a beginner up to an expert canoeist because of the variety of

lakes and rivers like the Wisconsin River to smaller rivers like the Tomorrow and Plover River.

For a beginning canoeist, practice makes perfect. Before heading out on a canoe trip for the first

time , one should practice different paddle strokes, learn safety precautions and get a feel for the canoe.

Beginners should also practice canoeing with their partner on a local lake, calm river, class A rapids or water with no movement to learn how to handle and control a canoe properly.

Safety is always first when it comes to canoeing no matter what.  People always need to wear a life vest, know limitations, scout locations, pre-plan, and, most of all, never panic.