Benefits of Video Gaming


this is a Legion Gaming PC. Image credited to Jacob Bellin

Jacob Bellin, Hour 1

Have you ever thought of what gaming could do to you? If it could benefit you or not? Imagine you were gaming and you ended up becoming a better person because of it. these could be some of the reasons why. Gaming can offer many benefits. It is a safe space to fail, build resilience, overcome challenges and explore alternative identities through characters and in game worlds. These skills can then be applied to the real world.

All about gaming 

Gaming is a hobby taken on by people that love playing in a virtual world. A student from SPASH in a survey stated that most gamers love Playing with characters that they believe to be powerful or unique. For instance Fortnite you can have your own skin combo that is unique. Most people play with friends to have a good time. And make a deeper connection with friends because you share the same hobby of gaming.

Benefits of gaming

gaming is not all just for fun there can be beneficial things that happen in life because of gaming. gaming can benefit you hand to eye coordination because you have to use your hands and eyes to game everything with gaming is hand to eye. Gaming can build teamwork. Kyra talked about how in the game Call of Duty you are on a team and you have to communicate and give Coms [giving a precise location of a person or a description of what is happening in the game] with your teammates and hopefully win the game in the end. Gaming can be a way to communicate with others for instance talking to new people in Call of Duty Lobbies and making new friends or in Fortnite as well. Some people would say that talking to people online does not benefit because they are rude. But those are the people that are either making content to get peoples reactions or they are being rude because they are mad at the game. But not everyone is like that. There are very few people that are rude to other people online.

How it helps in reality

Hand to eye coordination,building teamwork, and connecting with others can have an outcome of things like. driving skills, an article called (Are Video Games Good for You and Your Brain?) said that “If you’re driving through fog, you have to be hyper-alert to see whatever is in front of you. That’s a skill you really want to learn and that kind of thing can be improved in playing a video game,” he states. “But just because a person can distinguish something in a video game, that doesn’t mean they’re going to be able to distinguish it in real life.” Kyra said that one of the best games to play with you family is Mario kart/ Mario party because it is so fun and a  friendly competition with your family and friends and there is a lot bonding between everyone. Bonding with family is really important and can definitely be lots of fun playing Mario kart. Gaming can build hand to eye coordination. And teamwork, when playing sports. For instance Carson Bellin said that his teamwork on Madden [a NFL video game] benefited him in real life sports with his team work. His hand to eye coordination has gotten way better because of playing video games and sports making him an even better athlete then when he first started.

All in all gaming is very beneficial. Instead of sitting on your phone watching people playing games you could be playing those games and becoming a greater person in every aspect. Becoming more involved in your family just by playing a video game with them or playing video games to make your hand to eye coordination better to play sports with your brother and friends.