Why Hijab?


Dana Almasalmeh and Dalin Almasalmeh

The number of Muslims around the world is more than 3 billion. Not only am I a Muslim, but I am also a believer. I just fear God and want to honor my religion. Islam is not a scourge in God’s religion. It is easy to judge a nation or religion without understanding our customs. Whoever wants to practice Islam can do so because God’s religion is easy and not difficult, so there is no need to worship others, and I respect that very much. 

Why do you wear hijab?

Choose the veil. You are not obligated to wear it. This is how I grew up with my family tradition. This veil was imposed for several reasons: to protect and preserve women, to show their chastity, and to prevent their exposure to corruption. Hijab is a good and beautiful manners. Modesty is achieved by wearing the veil. Because it is considered protection and concealment for women, evidence of purity of heart, sincerity of faith, protection from people’s eyes, and distancing from them. Doubts and taboos revolve around him. Covering parts of the body to eliminate any temptations or desires (for a man).


  Each Arab country is characterized by distinctive modest clothing. Islam is a religion that carries all its legislation for humanity in all fields. It is a religion that preaches good morals, lofty traits, and a return to God. Many people demonize Islam by saying that the religion is complicated or backward and intolerant, not fun and neurotic either. This is a mistake. This is ignorance. It is a religion and not all people represent Islam because they develop themselves and impose it on us as if God commanded us. The religions in Syria were other than Islam, and everyone was united and loving, and there was no difference in religion, race, or form. Islam respects Christianity, Judaism and other religions… because they are other heavenly religions. It is personal freedom – and faith has urged us to pay attention to personal and external hygiene. Evidence that the religion of truth allows marriage by consent and not by force, because it has great interest in women and looks at them with pride and joy. A woman and her husband are partners who share the responsibilities of life, and everything is based on love and trust, not strictness.” “Women have rights and freedom while respecting men. The Islamic religion forbids adultery. 

What is the month of Ramadan

We fast in the month of Ramadan, 30 days. And whenever the month of Ramadan comes, blessings, faith and tranquility come, because it is the month of worship and goodness, and after it we celebrate Eid al-Fitr for 3 days. We put on new clothes, bring sweets and fruits to the guests, exchange gifts.

We only have Eid al-FIr once a year. It does not have a specific date because it is associated with the time of the full moon. The last Eid is Eid al-Adha, in which we slaughter a sheep or a calf for himself or his family members and distribute it to all people without exception, whether the poor or the rich. Finally, my book is the Holy Quran. I am happy and proud of myself and my hijab, and my end is heaven, with the permission of my Lord.