Wednesdays Off for SPASH

Would It be good for SPASH students to have a day off on Wednesday?  There are very different opinions about SPASH. 


Kong C

My Little Sister Having a Nice Day Off

Kong Pheng Chang, Hour 2

Personal Opinions #1

Students want this to be a good thing for every Wednesday.  My friend Ethan Terry junior SPASH student, Ethan stated his reasons, “I think why students should have a day off from school is because one of the reasons is that students needs sleep and if you don’t get enough sleep then you can’t get recovered, it would be good for other students to have Wednesdays where students can do schoolwork.” This helps to see the facts that my friend has a reason for a Wednesday off day. 

Will there be catch up work for a Wednesday?

Most students at SPASH would feel like catch up days would be fine if there is no schoolwork to do or if you have other schoolwork to organize everything. It would be hard for students to focus on other things. Not many students would work on schoolwork, because there is no work to be attended on E learning days.                      

Statement of the Article 

One of my quotes from my sources relates to my topic, Jennifer Bennett the Arthur of the article “is four days the way to improve education for students.” She stated “What about the families that can’t afford enrichment activities, piano lessons and high-quality child care on those Mondays?” Jennifer means, Many families can’t let their children into any activities because there won’t be any time for kids to work on schoolwork due to the fact of not using their time on work. Thus, their families must understand why they can’t provide their children with fun activities or other lessons.  

 Personal Opinions #2

I asked another friend of mine Iliana Haugh, she talked about her opinion about catch up days for Wednesdays and I asked her a question, What homework do you get the most on Wednesday’s? Her response was… 

 “On Wednesdays I get a lot of homework for algebra, it’s way too much stuff for learning about different types of math problems that I didn’t know before. I can email my algebra teachers to find a way to do problems with other teachers, so I can remember how to do it on a test.”

My thoughts about her opinions on having Wednesdays off were good. I can see her thoughts about how she felt like Wednesdays are the shorter days of school and focusing on other school work instead.    


My topic about the importance of students’ opinions and challenges. Students have to know catching up on homework is good because you don’t need to worry about a lot of schoolwork when something else is going forward in your life.