Beyond the grave with the Covid-19 pandemic

Reports of haunted houses are on the rise while more people are stuck at home during during the pandemic
Credit: Julie/

Reports of haunted houses are on the rise while more people are stuck at home during during the pandemic Credit: Julie/

Sarah Pyefinch, Hour 5B

Have you ever seen something strange or unexplainable? Have you ever seen shadowy human-like figures from the corner of your eyes? You might have experienced paranormal activity. Paranormal activity is claimed to be an occurrence of events or perceptions without any scientific explanation. Well, studies show that the reports of paranormal activity rose during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Some might be the real deal of ghosts and spirits. One article called “the investigator says paranormal calls went up during pandemic,” by Evan Sery in an interview with Alex Matsuo. Matsuo says “people were home more often than the yare used to being home, this plays along with multiple things, not just paranormal activity.  Another article “paranormal pandemic lockdown: Covid-19 Connection from beyond the grave.” by Diogo Hickey corresponds to the statement “the increasing cases of paranormal activity to be considered, self-paranoia which seems to be a factor given the entire world was in a state of paranoia and the death rate increasing week after week due to the variant, COVID-19,” states Ason Hawes one of the founding members of T.A.P.S from the infamous show GHOST HUNTERS.

Possibilities of why paranormal activities went up during the pandemic.:

Maybe the spirits are getting bored and want to receive our attention or a reaction. In the article “paranormal pandemic lockdown: Covid Connection from beyond the grave.” Diego Hickey comments that “Something we forget to think about is that the afterlife is still very much alive and is still wanting very much to contact the living.” in other words even though we usually don’t experience paranormal activity daily some spirits like the idea of us acknowledging their presence. This also relates to “living or not, we were all looking to find a way to connect with the world that has been locked up.”  That he also says, “spirits are most likely getting bored and wanting to get our attention,” states Diego Hickey. Another reason why paranormal could be going up is that it is easier for spirits to contact us through a state of rest or if we are not as busy as we are during our regular life and with us being home a lot more due to the pandemic at hand they might have used that as an opportunity to contact us.

Visitation dreams:

Even though we don’t experience paranormal activity daily we still can come in contact with spirits. For example, visitation dreams are hyper-real. According to Patrick McNarmer in an article called “visitation dreams” he comments that “for traditional peoples who accord equal ontological weight dreams as compared to waking reality, a visitation dream must have utterly convincing evidence that a spirit world and life beyond and grave existed. He goes on to state, “despite the importance of visitation dreams for theories of religion and the well-being of bereaved individuals, very little research has been done on them, and could not find reliable epidemiological data on visitation dreams.” Epidemiological data is the study (scientific, systematic, and data-driven) of the distribution (frequency, pattern) and determinants (causes, risk factors).

psychological reasons:

Even though there has been a bunch of research done to prove that paranormal activity went during Covid-19 and the pandemic it is safe to say that most of it falls under the psychological aspect of it. In another article “Haunted house reports on the rise during the epidemic,” says paranormal researcher John Tenney states “when you have an experience where someone says, “oh, I’m seeing very spooky movie-like ghosts”… you have to wonder how much their mind is playing into how they perceive reality.”

Lastly, John Tenney states “Times of stress really does something to human psychology, and so you see people having deeper stranger dreams. You tend to have people reporting a higher amount of ghosts in their room.” In conclusion, this goes along with the stress aspect of the pandemic because, people tend to believe anything that makes them feel a tad bit better than their current reality, and different people perceive things differently.