School’s Pizza Is Mid?


Picture of SPASH’s pizza

Tasaun Shroda, Hour 5B

The pizza at SPASH is devoured on the daily by ravenous kids looking to get their grub on, but do they actually like it? SPASH’s Pizza, one of the most popular foods taken and eaten at SPASH, and it’s Mid, said by most people. Well I did a personal investigation on the statistics on who likes the school’s pizza, and the results were not shocking, or at least to me. SPASH’s school pizza is mid, or even mediocre at best. This opinion isn’t just shared by me. A lot of people tend to agree with that claim, but what makes pizza so mid or mediocre?” Well don’t worry all shall be adduced in this article.


Pizza blatantly is unhealthy or just not healthy enough. Pizza in general is greasy but does the school pizza have to be that greasy? Amanda, the lunch lady who makes the pizzas stated this, on the health topic  “The crust is whole wheat, so I think it’s better than some pizzas but it’s still pizza. I don’t know if it’s the healthiest option for everyday,” this shows that the pizza could be worse but at the end of the day it is still pizza, and  pizza is unhealthy and not the best option for daily consumption. The pizza could be changed to be healthier though but it’s not and that’s part of the problem. Mathew Ebben, a student who takes the school’s hot lunch said this when asked how he felt about the pizza in a healthy context, “No it’s too greasy and too cheesy,” a lot of people would agree with the short yet strong statement that the pizza is too greasy but a lot of people could argue that it’s just fine in the cheese department. But like what Amanda said both agree that the pizza isn’t that healthy. 

Mental health

Señor Silva, a teacher who eats hot lunch, said this when asked if the unhealthiness of the pizza affects his mental health “Absolutely, yes, I try to avoid eating unhealthy food,” in which shows that unhealthy food could affect students’ self image, in turn could affect their mental health, as if it affects teachers then it could easily affect a student. Señor Silva gave a great suggestion on what could be done to make the school’s pizza better for daily consumption “Veggie options, I mean we just have meat. Where are the veggies?” in other words, not just having all those greasy meats but instead adding more vegetarian options. With more veggies it would allow more kids to take pizza and feel not as bad about it. This could lessen the amount of people who feel bad when taking it.

Taste and quality

Secondly, Pizza is just not the best tasting. When other options come around most students take the other option, as the pizza just isn’t the best tasting. Pizza in general isn’t crazy good and could even go to the extent of saying global pizza is overrated. It might be the over supply of cheese or the sogginess of the bread but most students would agree that the pizza is mid. Guilia a foreign exchange student from Italy said this “it’s not bad OK I like it, maybe not too much so I take the pizza on once and it was good but I’m not going to take a again,” in other words, you could say it’s good and I had it once but I’m not taking it again. That statement is powerful coming from a foreign exchange student from Italy, kind of the home of pizza.  Mathew Ebben even went to the extent of saying “No, the school’s pizza is the worst pizza I’ve ever had,” another powerful statement, for pizza to be held at that level it must be bad, but most people would likely disagree with that statement or at least not to that extent.  Señor Silva said ”mid is like just middle? Then it’s mid, I think it’s not bad but it’s not good,” just shows that the pizza isn’t bad but it’s not really that good but more relevant to the mid category. That opinion is a common trend and most interviewees said it was mid or mediocre. Mathew Ebben also stated “I like everything about pizza, but the school‘s Pizza just has way too much of everything. It makes it nasty, wet and juicy. Trying to take a bite of it is like trying to eat a wet sponge, it’s just bad,” also saying about how the taste isn’t the best and the texture isn’t that great.


What about it makes it so appealing? Well that’s a trick question for me, but this question others found easier to answer. The school’s pizza does have its downs but it also has its ups that even it out. Amanda, also said that the pizza is handmade, which makes the idea of the pizza more pleasant. Frozen pizza isn’t a great thought to most people so the handmade pizza definitely is a major pro to it.  Señor Silva also said “pepperoni pizza is the best, the cheesiness  melting my mouth. It’s amazing,” a lot of people would agree that the pepperoni pizza is pretty good, and the cheese is good as well, which gives the school’s pizza a big plus. Guilia, said when asked what’s so great about pizza, that the ingredients are what makes pizza good. Like in Italy they put salt in their crust; which might not be super healthy, but I guess makes it taste better. Ingredients in pizza and the quality of them is what makes the quality of the pizza. If the ingredients are lackluster in quality then the pizza is going to be lackadaisical.

Take Away from this

In conclusion, students and teachers would agree that the school’s pizza is mediocre, not good but not bad. But this does not mean that you should go around telling the hard working lunch ladies that their pizza is mid, rather thank them for making it for everyone and trying their hardest to provide for us, as at least we have the option to have it. The school’s pizza is mid to even mediocre at best, but at least it’s there as an option for the few that would argue that the pizza is good. Pizza may not be my favorite dish, and most likely isn’t most peoples but it’s still more than likely to be taken when given to most. I really want to emphasize that I don’t think the school’s pizza is terrible or that it’s atrocious to the culinary arts. I rather just think SPASH’s pizza isn’t amazing but more mid. I’d like for you to sit and ponder if you truly like the school’s pizza and think of its value to you.